This blog is for you. It is full of information that anyone moving to Idaho needs to know. Most people come to Idaho for its beauty, small population and conservative system of governance. I get it. Even though we can chat about politics over a beer or cup of coffee, you will not find politics on this blog.

Importantly, I want you to familiarize yourself with the things that are important for you to know to make you a very savvy and knowledgable buyer.

Update: Today is June 15, 2022. The Fed just increased the short term borrowing rate for the third time this year. It is likely that our national economy will suffer and the next 18 months could prove ugly. Mortgage rates are going up, property values will have to go down. They simply will. You need to come to Idaho armed with knowledge and have already made contacts with local lenders, etc. to get your very best deal. This blog will help.

I’m going to guide you in some areas of our property law, our water law, the agency relationship between you and your real estate agent and broker, 1031 Exchanges and basic Idaho odds and ends. This is Important stuff!

This blog is about preparing you and your family for what awaits you in the Gem State. You will find that Water is a big deal up here. Preserving that water and the natural beauty that surrounds it is in everybody’s interest. Many of our laws are centered around water. This will affect you and your purchase decisions.

Most of the articles here are for buyers, but we are sneaking in a few for sellers. If you’re selling a home to cash out and move here, these articles will prove valuable in your efforts.

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