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If you stick around for just a moment, you will realize this site is like no other real estate site you’ve ever visited. Truly! Keep reading to learn more.

You will not find any homes with beautiful pictures listed on our main page, because I know you’re already searching on, or some other site anyway. But, you should do your searching on this site, because I will help you dig for ALL the information on a parcel, not just the pretty pictures that were taken after the home was staged. More on that below…

My name is Michael Weir. I am a retired attorney, and I bring so much more to the table than just being a local realtor. I advocate on behalf of my clients and I can help you navigate negotiations and contracts like an old pro. This might sound odd, but I am also a data specialist and can help you in your search.

I moved to north Idaho from Orange County, CA 20 years ago looking for a better life for myself and my family, and I and can help you do the same. Are you thinking about leaving California or some other blue state? I made a video just for you.

We (my team and I) will do all the heaving lifting for you. Even if you’re just poking around at the idea of moving to Idaho. We are happy to assist so reach out and let us know how we can help you. Be sure to read the articles in our blog to gain the knowledge you will need if you plan on living in Idaho.

Coeur d’Alene in the Fall looking down the Spokane River


Did you find a home you like while searching online? Let us know and we will get the information you cannot find on other websites and send you a comprehensive report of the property.

Would you like to give us your dream home parameters and have us do some deep digging to find your home? Let us know. There is no obligation and we are happy to assist.

New to Idaho? Never lived in a place with snow before and still thinking of moving? We can walk you through the process and share some great “local” tips that will help save you time and money. There are a LOT of moving parts that need to come together to relocate to Idaho, so much more than just looking at homes online.

We can help you by offering virtual tours of a house you’re interested in. We can help you navigate the complex water issues that come up if you want to build your home on acreage. We can research any pending home sale that is not moving forward and can help you make a back up offer before the deal falls through and the property returns to the market. These simple things, and so much more.

Would you like to search for yourself? I’ll give you client-access to my MLS account. But before you go searching, be sure to bookmark this page (ctrl-d – press the control key and the d key at the same time) and add this site to your browser’s bookmarks. That way, you will always be able to find your way back. 🙂

Check out a great way to search for your Idaho dream home: Client-Access-MLS But Wait! Before you click that link and get lost in search, click the link below to open our blog in a new tab so you can dive into some great information: Idaho Properties Blog. Our blog is an excellent resource that will teach you the things you need to to learn about if you are planning on living in Idaho. Be sure to return often for updated content.

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Finally, if you are looking for a place to review current market data for North Idaho, be sure to go to our North Idaho Market Report page and examine our most recent data-driven market reports. These reports are created by Sotheby’s International and are a fantastic resource.

If you have any questions about property sales in Idaho or Montana, contact us today. We would be delighted to serve you.

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